[wordpress] WordPress replacing “C++” tag with “C#”!

It turned out that WordPress replaces all “C++” tags with “C#” tags in their presentation of postings about any particular theme, like the list of postings about programming.

Technically a “C++” tag is first transformed to the tag id “c” by removing all punctuation, and then the presentation of tag id “c” is as “C#” (not even with proper superscript like C#).

I understand that to people at large “C++” or “C#” or just “C” is much the same thing, really, so it shouldn’t matter what WordPress presented it as?

But this is akin to me posting about how I’m the proud owner of a Bentley, and WordPress informing the world that my blog is about how aroused I am as owner of a mare (female horse).

How does one get from “proud owner of Bentley”, to “aroused owner of mare”? First one, i.e. WordPress, generalizes (like “C++” → “c”). Proud, that must mean happy, surely, and Bentley, that must mean a means of transportation, surely. So, he means that he’s the happy owner of a means of transportation.

Then one, i.e. WordPress, specializes, incorrectly. Happy, oh that must mean aroused, and means of transportation, that must mean a mare, and even if that perhaps is not 100% precisely what he meant it does give the rough idea, surely?, and if we chose something else we’d offend someone else!

It’s all so needless.

Just don’t do it, WordPress.


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