Not even programming: visitor & visitors pattern

My mom’s 75 years tomorrow, and is visiting. Not much time for blogging or programming then, so, sorry, this blog has been left untended.

Assuming the WordPress stats bear some semblance to reality this is apparently subtly reflected in the number of views of the blog. It’s gone up and down almost as usual. But:

when I remove all the peak values then what’s left has until now been ∪ shapes. But the last few day a ∩ shape (although just one single instance) has emerged. That is, the second derivative, the rate of change of the rate of change of number of views, suddenly changed!


I know, one data point is perhaps too little to generalize from, but it looks like the so called “visitor pattern” at work: when your mom visits, the second derivative of the number of views of your blog may change!