How to create a bug like this Thunderbird bug

Screenshot of Thunderbird address bugYou thought it would be safe to post an article to [comp.lang.c++.moderated] using the X-Replace-Address header (or line within the article). No spam, since in the posted article the address will appear as 🙂 Hah!

Little did you know that Thunderbird 3.x will spot any fake e-mail address and present your real name! 😦

Well, actually Thunderbird doesn’t present the real name – Mark Galeck is not Gerhard Menzl, as far as I know. It seems that Thunderbird just presents an arbitrary name. Apparently Thunderbird assumes that e-mail addresses are unique for ever, looks up the e-mail address in the user’s address book, and willy-nilly presents any name it finds there instead of the name specified in the article header!

To create similar bugs, just assume something.

Hey, 2 digits suffices for a year. Postal codes, he he. Line lengths…


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