Test of source code formatting…

I finally found – not a widget, but the special WordPress sourcecode shortcode

[sourcecode language=”cpp”]
your code here

Ideally this should be some C++ source code properly formatted with syntax highlighting:

#include <iostream>
#include <memory>

class Foo
    struct Ref
        Foo*    p;
        Ref( Foo* f ): p( f ) {}
        operator Foo& () const { return *p; }

    Foo( Foo & );

    Foo() {}
    Foo( Foo::Ref ) { std::cout << "Hey" << std::endl; }
    operator Ref () { return this; }

int main()
    Foo     a;
    Foo     b( (Foo()) );

Doesn’t look right in the WordPress HTML editor, but perhaps when posted?

7 comments on “Test of source code formatting…

  1. Hm, WordPress doesn’t know that “operator” is a keyword in C++. Oh well. I guess one should just go with the flow, the alternative being to purchase some web hosting services or find a free host (and the free ones never last very long).

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